Effective Internet Marketing Course

Is your website ‘sticky' enough? Does your viral marketing make your customers sick? Do you know your ‘bots' from your ‘spiders'?

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to improve their email marketing techniques, carry out permission based email campaigns, run successful online promotions and include web marketing as a part of the marketing mix.

What is it about?

Demystify internet marketing. This course will open the door to the benefits and cost efficiencies that can be had from online marketing. It will teach how to optimise your search engine rankings through effective SEO (search engine optimisation), drive traffic to your site through online promotions, email campaigns and pay per click (PPC) advertising, the promotion techniques available for effective Internet marketing, and crucially, how to measure the results

Course Overview

* Internet marketing fundamentals

* Cost/Benefits; push-pull strategy; branding; building trust

* Internet marketing plans

* Strategic planning; situation analysis; customer analysis; market and product forces: pricing strategy; product distribution; promotion mix

* Discussion forum marketing.

* Mailing lists; UseNet newsgroups; web based forums; promotion techniques; targeting discussion forums

* Search engine & directory marketing. Differing search engines; search engine and directory liaisons; getting ‘top' search result position; how ‘not' to get penalised

* Direct email marketing. To spam or not; opt-in direct e-mailing; promotion techniques; email push

* One-to-one web marketing. Site personalisation; building web site community; online customer service and sales

* Viral marketing. Viral internet marketing; viral marketing techniques; successful viral marketing strategies

* Measuring e-marketing. Measuring hits, measuring user sensation; measuring user click-paths; measuring revenues; measuring tools

What will I get out of it?

* An online marketing strategy

* Integrated internet activity with your overall marketing plan

* Increased traffic to your site through search engine optimisation

* The skills to plan and execute a viral marketing campaign

* Measurement tools to evaluate the success of your web activity

Strategic Marketing Planning Course

Who is it for?

This course is for all those involved in the development of marketing plans. It will suit those managing smaller businesses needing to review their marketing strategy or marketing managers from larger organisations

What is it about?

The course is about strategic planning to get the most from your marketing budget. As well as covering gap analysis, targeting and segmentation, it also looks at new ideas and best practice. You will learn how to grow and defend your market position whilst maximising on profitability.

Course Overview

* Marketing orientation: What determines a marketing-led company?

* The elements of the marketing mix: The classic four Ps of Marketing explained and used practically

* Adapt a plan to brand/market needs: How to use the planning process for different brands at different stages of maturity

* Marketing audit: The rules and guidelines for conducting a marketing audit

* The tools of strategic marketing planning: An investigation into the planning tools available. Plc, portfolio planning, SWOT analysis

* Segmentation, targeting and positioning: Identify the company's key target segments and access those segments

* Competitive advantage analysis: Discover the roots of competitive advantage and how to determine the competitive advantage

* Marketing research: The role of market research. A review of the techniques available and when to use the most appropriate technique

* Setting goals and objectives: Use the analysis and planning to set clear and achievable goals for the business. The objectives cascade from corporate to marketing objectives

* Marketing communications strategy: The communication process – how it works

* Measurement and evaluation: Measure the plan and learning from what's gone right and what's not

What will I get out of it?

* The steps to undertake a marketing audit

* A marketing plan for your organisation

* Segmentation techniques to identify your key target audience

* Clear measurable objectives for your marketing

* Analysis tools to measure and refine your results

Effective Communication Skills Course

Effective Communication Skills is a one-day training course which will help you to express yourself more effectively, have more influence with your colleagues and appear more confident in front of others.

This is a highly practical and interactive course. You will be working both individually and in small groups on a variety of vocal and practical exercises, interactive discussions and role plays throughout the day.

Complete your communication skills course and see the results

You'll leave the workshop with your own personal development plan and a toolkit of techniques to turn that plan into action. You will also leave the workshop with a buzz and with a great sense of achievement. You will also be able to:-

* Speak with more confidence and listen carefully to build rapport

* Analyse and utilise body language to your advantage

* Steer conversations and influence people

* Have the confidence to make more of an impact on your audience.

* Enhance your professionalism at work

* ... and have had a fun time doing it

You'll find it a highly practical, enjoyable and very rewarding experience.


Get the maximum out of your life.

This workshop focuses on elements in life that hold you back from having the life you deserve. The workshop will conquer issues like lack of confidence, self image, time-management, getting the right balance in life, relationships, goal setting and more! For bookings or more information please contact us here



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