Business Support

The remit of our business support is extensive, but there are consistent core processes that we provide within most service areas – these include:

Design and Print

* Corporate Stationary

* Brochures & Leaflets

* Adverts & Posters

* Printing

* Duplication


* Staff Recruitment

* Travel Agency

* Brochures / Marketing Communication

* Business Stationary

* Business Proposals

* Project Management

* Audio Transcription

* Spread Sheets

* Power Point Presentations

* Proof Reading

* Copy Editing

* Internet Research

Website Design

* Website Design & Maintenance

* Domain Name Registration

* Website Hosting

* Google Ad Campaigns

* E-commerce

Digital Media and Web Development Services

We invite you to call or contact us about your specific project and needs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project in detail.

The Citywall Media services include: * CD/DVD Duplication and Packaging * Analog to Digital Transfer * Digital File Conversion * Audio Recordings - Onsite * Audio Recordings - Studio * Audio Editing * Video Production Services * Video Editing * Online Multimedia Content * Web Site and Database Development

CD/DVD Duplication and Packaging

CDs or DVDs are duplicated, packaged, and delivered. Choose the bundled selection for best value or mix and match from many available options.

Analog to Digital Transfers

Reel to reel audiotapes, audiocassettes, VHS, and other types of analog recordings are converted to digital files and transferred to CD or DVD.

Digital File Conversion

One digital file type is converted to another for repurposing of content. There are many file types so the choice depends on how and where the content will be used or stored.

Audio Recordings - Onsite

Technical staff travel to a location to digitally record meetings, hearings, lectures, or other types of presentations. Limitations apply as to location and required conditions.

Audio Editing

Audio recordings are edited to enhance the quality of the audio production and to clean up noise or any undesired content of the recording.

Video Production Services

Depending on your needs, we can provide either a single camera or a multiple camera setup. When more than one camera is used, our editing services can be added to create a professional, polished production. Interested in having your event streamed? We can do that too.

Video Editing

Video content is edited from various sources and incorporated with additional graphics and audio in order to provide a polished final product.

Online multimedia content

Presentation slides and/or other content such as web pages and images are synchronized to studio recorded audio and captioning text. This fully accessible content is delivered on the web.

Web and Database Development

Web site and database development options range from small simple sites to the construction of dynamic web applications. Graphic design services enhance content and provide navigation and layout.

Streaming Audio and Videoconferences

How does it work?

Citywall Media records programs directly from our audio or video bridges. The stream is created during the recording process, and then an archived file is placed on a streaming server. We provide you access to your program via a link to the file. You provide the link to your participants, and they can listen or watch from their computers. You and your participants can then have access to the files wherever and whenever you choose.

When participants click on the link to begin playback, their streaming media players download several seconds worth of audio or video into a part of memory called a buffer. When the buffer is full, it sends data into the player portion of the software and they hear or see your program. At the same time, the software continously downloads data into the buffer. This process allows nearly immediate access. There is no long wait for an entire file to be downloaded.

We can also provide a live streamed link to your conference or meeting and allow participants to listen or watch via their computers as the conference is happening. Live streams can also be archived for later playback.

What's needed?

All you need to be able to listen to streaming media is a PC with an Internet connection, sound card, and speakers or headphones, and a streaming audio player. There are several free streaming media players available for download from the web including RealNetwork's RealAudio (www.realnetworks. com), Microsoft's Windows Media Player (, Apple's QuickTime (, and Nullsoft's streaming MP3 technology, Shoutcast ( ICS records data in

RealAudio format. We can record in Windows Media Player or QuickTime formats by request.

What's the benefit?

Streaming's main benefit is its immediacy. Streaming audio begins just seconds after you click on the link. There's no delay in programming and no waiting for long downloads.

Streaming is a great way to provide wider access to your event. Here are some ideas for using streaming video or audio:

* Allow access to conference calls or meetings for those who were unable to attend;

* Use as a marketing tool for conferences by putting audio clips from keynote speakers on conference Web sites;

* Use live streaming to offer virtual conferences;

* Provide access to meeting archives.

Rich Media Streaming

Do you need to make your presentations available with graphics over the web? Would you like to create demos of new products or services that could be easily accessed on CD or the web? How about hosting a live streamed event with the ability for attendees to interact with the presenters through their web browsers?

The new webcast service managed by Citywall media, can help you solve your presentation dilemmas with a full-range of features for recording, publishing, distributing, and viewing rich media presentations.

Post Sound

Citywall media has in-house VO recording capabilities and track laying services which allows us to provide the best possible production value for clients, all the way up to full Dolby 5.1 mastering.

Remote Editing

Citywall media is developing a revolutionary new digital work flow, unlike any of our competitors. Our goal is to be the first post house to truly provide end-to-end data based editing, delivery and collaborative project management - over the internet. Our new services will take Offline editing direct to clients desktops and will provide everything from data management to 2k grading and digital deliverables.

Titles Design and Production

Our creative team take on a project from day one of storyboarding ideas through to the finished masterpiece. We pride ourselves in original and forward thinking ideas and executing all of our ideas to the highest possible standard. We are experts in RED camera based projects and have produced stunning results time after time.



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