What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

In our view, a mentor has “trod the path." Seeing the qualities that makes someone successful in a certain field is, in itself, a valuable part of the learning experience. Mentoring also focuses on tasks. Coaching is a specific discipline that uses active listening skills along with performance enhancement techniques. A good coach will have had a significant amount of coach-specific training as well as extensive experience actually coaching people.

Our approach is that the coach's role is to facilitate their client using active questioning. These questions invite the client to identify their own approach to solving issues, whilst the framework of questioning will ensure that the underlying issues are addressed.

We also believe that it is necessary for the coach to share stories of their career or the experiences of other clients (names withheld) to provide alternative ideas. This part of the experience is more akin to “mentoring.” It is often important to explain specific business or organisational models, where the coach is briefly creating bespoke teaching which is relevant to the issue being discussed.

Sometimes coaching is done on the basis that only questions can ever be asked. In our view, whilst questioning is the preferred method of coaching, it is not always appropriate, and part of the role of a coach is to mentor and teach where required. We believe that this provides a unique approach to coaching and all our coaches are trained and supervised with this approach.

It is essential that this approach is adopted, and that coaching is not the same as a chat. It is a different way of communicating: asking questions without passing judgement or offering advice.

Life Coaching and Executive Coaching are very effective and efficient processes that can be of great value in various private and business situations. The aim is to develop that area of someone's private or professional life, which the client feels, can be improved.

Life Coaching

Personal Life Coaching can help you create and live the life you really want:

* Have you ever thought there must be more to life than this?

* Do you feel there are never enough hours in the day to achieve what you want?

* Do you lack focus and direction in your life, career or business?

* Would you like to achieve more - those unfulfilled dreams and ambitions?

* Do you know who you are, or who you want to be?

What are the benefits of personal life coaching?

* Gain more focus, direction and purpose

* Find the right balance for your life

* Set and achieve meaningful goals

* Feel more confident, positive and optimistic

* Manage your time better and work more effectively

* Appreciate and acknowledge your skills, abilities and achievements

* Take control of your life and your future

* Discover who you are

* Enjoy your life so much more!

Although we are based in Kent, we coach individuals across the entire UK via telephone and Skype.

You wouldn't build a house without a plan; you don't go on holiday without some idea of the itinerary but when it comes to life how many of us plan for the future?

Having a route map for your life can help you achieve your goals and help you feel in control when things go off track. Personal Life Coaching empowers you to take control of your life and future; to achieve your goals and live your values, whilst maintaining life balance. But Life Coaching is more than that; a Life Coach acts as your guide and cheerleader, providing support, focus and motivation – working in partnership with you to explore your ambitions and dreams, clarify your life agenda and overcome any obstacles. Through deciding what you truly want and committing 100% to achieving your objectives, you can successfully create and live the life you really want - both personally and professionally.

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Executive Coaching

We are a specialist provider of executive coaching to business. All our coaches have significant high-level experience within industry, along with coach-specific training.

From our offices in Kent, we offer coaching services across Europe. We supply business coaching packages for specific job functions; these packages are then tailored within the sessions to fit the individual. This bespoke “training” produces greater productivity, giving our clients a competitive edge. The job of a coach is to facilitate the thinking process that reveals solutions, then to suggest relevant business models to reach a conclusion.

Executive coaching is on a one to one basis. The aim is to assist the client in performing even better on his/her terms and agreeable within the company. Coaching can also be used as a confidential soundboard to reflect on situations and move forward fast. Executive coaching can improve the quality and quantity of work and at the same time increase job satisfaction.

City Wall Associates specialises in the following areas:

1. Work-Life Balance
2. Achievement and refocus.
3. Presentation skills
4. Motivation
5. Goal setting and time management
6. Stress related situations
7. Internal Relationships

Using successfully tested models and techniques it is our promise that we realise the goals set. Because we operate within the context of the organisation - but committed to the individual - we can perform at a higher level, bringing benefits to the organisation as well as the individual. We are able to measure results against an organisation's objectives.

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Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching involves coaching towards organisational goals. It is undertaken within the context of an organisation's vision, mission, values - and strategy. Results are measured against the performance requirements of the organisation. Corporate coaching combines basic coaching skills with an in-depth understanding of the language, dynamics, processes and culture of any type of organisations.

Our speciality with regards to corporate coaching is working with teams focussing on generating new opportunities or exploring current situations and find ways to build on them. Organisations that incorporate coaching into their culture see sustainable improvements in key areas, including internal and external communications, productivity, employee attitudes, and recruitment and retention of staff.

Where corporate coaching involves coaching a whole organisation in one form or another, it usually requires initial survey work and can overlap into both executive and life coaching. Coaching can arise from a consultancy project or form part of a development programme.

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Career Coaching

Why everyone needs a Career Coach?

The key to having a satisfying and brilliant career is knowing yourself. Knowing and using your strengths, understanding your values and aligning those to what you're passionate about. If you're thinking of finding a new job our Job Search Coaching will help you do that successfully. We also offer Interview coaching and Presentations coaching to help you make a big impact! And we also offer a CV writing service.

Or perhaps you are considering a complete career change, but don't know where to begin. Our Career Change Programme and Workshops will give you the clarity and confidence you need to identify your ideal job and help you plan to make that a reality.

Perhaps you want to further your career where you are. Learn to become more effective, grow your responsibilities and raise your profile, through our Career Coaching for Professionals programme.

Finally, if you're about to start (or have just started) a new job and want to make the right impression and start adding value immediately, then read up on our New Job Coaching Programme. This is ideal if you are changing sector or moving to a much bigger role where the career and business stakes are higher. Or where you've made mistakes in the past and you don't want to repeat them.

Our free consultations and total quality guarantees

Organising an initial consultation is easy and there is no charge. All you need to do is contact us..

During the call we'll identify what's working for you and what isn't, and how specifically coaching can help you (or provide you with alternative options if coaching isn't right for you). You'll also have any questions you have about coaching, how it works, and what we charge, though you can check our Booking and Fees page first to get an idea.

If you then decide to continue coaching, we put a date in the diary right away so you can get started.

If after one or two sessions you feel we aren't a fit for each other, or you're not getting what you expected, you can ask to stop and your fee will be fully refunded. Our Total Quality Guarantee means even if you have never tried coaching before, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try!

Want face to face coaching?

We also do face to face coaching for those in the London and Kent areas and are able to do daytimes. Ask us for more information. If you're outside the UK, we also offer coaching via Skype.

Want to know about our specialisms?

We have coached people from a variety of sectors; however our specialities are accountancy, media, IT, Communications, PR and marketing, HR and Legal.

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